Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You Know Those Goofy CRFA Ads?

At first I thought these goofy ads were Harper advertising himself and I thought wow! that's a waste of money. Then I saw the little CRFA logo, so I checked them out. Is it not illegal for a third party to advertise for a political party during an election? Oh right, Harper doesn't want an election. I guess these guys have so much money they've spent it on their boy just in case. Here are all the green giants who make up the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association:

Full Membership
Monsanto Canada
General Motors of Canada Limited
World Energy-->
Archer Daniels Midland
BBI Biofuels
Biox Corporation
Bunge Canada
Canadian Bioenergy Corporation
Canadian Renderers Association
Canola Council of Canada
GreenField Ethanol
Iogen Corporation
Suncor Energy Products Inc.
Associate Membership
Agricore United
Canadian Canola Growers Association
Ensask Biofuels Ltd.
Ontario Soybean Growers Association
Pioneer Hi-Bred
Shell Canada Products
West Coast Biodiesel Limited
Honourary Membership
Canada Clean Fuels Inc.
Blackstone Energy Services
Degussa Canada Ltd.
Greenstock Resources Inc.
Lignol Innovations Corporations
Societé Generale
Sylvite Group of Companies
Terragrain Fuels


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