Monday, November 30, 2015

Music to My Ears

I grieved when we lost Stephane Dion as Liberal leader because at the time he alone had the understanding that there is a huge new economy available to us in going green. Then along came the dinosaur who didn't believe in science, ergo research and development, and we lost ten years when we could have established Canada as a leader in green technology. Now, however, we have that chance again and Trudeau has grasped the opportunity with both hands. So what do our illustrious reporters do - they ask the incredibly stupid question - when will you have a plan? He answers with the obvious that they should know already: part of the plan was in our election platform, part will be coming from the premiers and the cities - we are meeting in 90 days, and we are looking at green rapid transit technology and there are some interesting geothermal innovations that we are looking at. So what does each noodle head reporter ask: the same question over and over - missing the opportunity to ask - what will it take to get our R&D back up to speed, do you have any areas of green technology in mind where Canada is in the lead, which cities do you think are most ready to engage with green technology on a city-wide scale, etc. etc. There was a brief moment after the election when the press was engaged and now they are back to muck-raking. They attacked Trudeau for planning to bring refugees in too soon - then when he delayed it - two whole months!! - they attacked him for "breaking a promise" - now that we can all see that they have been busting their asses to fulfill the promise - with the revealing of a centralized refugee centre in Jordan - there is profound silence - way to go guys - I'm going to get my news somewhere else - somewhere thoughtful and constructive. But you are doing all of us a favour - because you are helping once again to get people to underestimate Trudeau - and that will just give him more space to do great things. While you're going on and one about broken promises and ballooning deficits he will be leading us and others into the 21st century.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Canada, My Country Again!

In May 2011 I posted Voldemort has risen, who will be our Harry Potter and now we know - Prime Minister Trudeau. I also said that Canadians loathing for Harper was visceral and intense and that he would be gone - and he is!!! I can now look forward to a way better life for my children and grandchildren. Thank you to my fellow Canadians - you're the best - we took back our Canada!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Self-Righteous NDP

Well done Mulcair - you want Harper gone - yeah right - you'd rather pick on Trudeau - let's remember that yours is the only party to have shorn up the Cons and now you're helping them again - I was going to strategic vote but now - never - if you can't leave Trudeau alone now you'll never be able to work with him later.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Conservative Underbelly

While Harper's famous 23% base is anti-gay, this is the reality - his right hand man was gay and his wife is bi. No one wants to say anything because they don't want to be labelled anti-gay but in reality it's their ridiculous and offensive hypocrisy we are against. And while Baird wrote off the environment and Ms Harper had no time for murdered and missing First Nations women, they do both love cats!


Remember Mulroney's last days - many many Canadians had an intense visceral abhorrence of the man - remember how his MPs left the sinking ship - yet no one predicted his catastrophic demise. Canadians feel the same way now - so I'm going to predict his demise - we want this man gone and the feeling is intense and visceral. We want our Canada back.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fraser Institute & Charitable US $$

Harper's new Anti-charities unit wasted no time auditing Harper's hated charities (you know the ones that believe Canadians should have a voice in the future of their environment) but I wonder when the Fraser Institute will be targeted - that's a laugh!“charitable”-fraser-institute-accepted-500k-foreign-funding-oil-billionaires

Friday, March 30, 2012

Whose paying these guys

Mr Anderson from At Issue talking heads - there you are making fun of those who said and say Mr. H. has a hidden agenda - you are either stupid, corrupt or both. Environmental disasters to equal or surpass those in third world countries, China owning the tar sands and the pipeline, free trade agreements all over the world signing away our economic sovereignty, homeland security at all our ports, signing away our military sovereignty, demoralizing the population so they are afraid to speak out ($8 million to pick on charities, more ways to put people in jail, more jails) oh yes and handing over the reins of government to global business. You're right - tnere's no hidden agenda, it's not hidden, it's right in your face. What a nitwit!!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Get Over It People

Pardon me but OMG. All the reactions to DePape are astonishing! - from Kinsella's patronizng "She's a kid" to everyone's "she was wrong, but". Such reactions can only come from those people's sore spots - envy, regret,hiding from oneself. All these people know in their hearts that they have been shown up by her - she's a heroine!! She said what no one else has the courage to say "this country is in deep Harper shit". You guys need to actually pay attention to what Harper is doing and figure out how to stop him - not try and assuage your guilt. I hope there are many more DePape's in this new generation.

Dutiful Lapdogs

Our media - the great watchdog of our democracy happily reporting on the Prime Minster's new kitten!! Cute kitties and lapdogs - have we really come to this?